I love Azerbaijan. For me it is the most beautiful and beloved place in the world. I grew up and became what I am because of the greatness of this country and nobility of it’s people. Hard days have come and I cannot be away of this. All of us, personally, one by one should help our country to move through this tragedy. This is my duty. My duty as a man, as an artist, as an Azerbaijani. To that end, I am releasing limited edition T-shirts with unique prints, signed, titled and numbered. Also, we do create an individual art piece based on your photo and print it onto an exclusive T-shirt executed in a single copy. In addition, everyone who supported our call will receive Afffair discount coupons for 10%, 20% and 30%.

All the proceeds will go to the "Koronavirusla Mübarizəyə Dəstək Fondu".

Great thanks to the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan and
Creative Azerbaijan Portal (www.creative.az)
for the support of this project.

Kind regards, Rufat Ismayil.

How to order?

Select the image that will be on the T-shirt

Choose the cut

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Normal cut

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Oversize cut

Choose the print side




Choose a T-shirt body size
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Məhsul sifarişi etmək üçün nümunə:

  • Bəyəndiyiniz şəkili seçirsiniz
  • T-shirt modelini seçirsiniz
  • Şəkilin T-shirt-ün önündə və ya arxa hissəsində olacağını seçirsiniz
  • T-shirt bədən ölçülərini seçirsiniz (Misal üçün “M” ölçülü)
  • T-shirt-ə aid seçimlərinizi etdikdən sonra özünüzə aid məlumatları qeyd edirsiniz.
  • Ad, Soyad, ölkə, şəhər, yaşadığınız ünvan

Sifariş üçün muraciət

After confirming all the information, you can send or call the final result to the number we have provided below.
Mobile / WhatsApp: +90 546 776 29 95

Map of Azerbaijan by AFFFAIR 0001 – 100.00 AZN

Baku by AFFFAIR 0025 – 150.00 AZN

Blessed by AFFFAIR 0002 – 100.00 AZN

Blessed sun by AFFFAIR 0003  – 100.00 AZN

Planet by AFFFAIR 0004 – 100.00 AZN

Hand of Fatima by AFFFAIR 0005 – 100.00 AZN

Doctors by AFFFAIR 0006  – 100.00 AZN

Doctors by AFFFAIR 0007 – 100.00 AZN

Five O’clock tea (Baku style) 0008  – 150.00 AZN

Ladies fisrt! 0009 – 150.00 AZN

Private Members Club 0010 – 150.00 AZN

Fast and Furious! 0011  – 150.00 AZN

Laundry gallery 0012 – 150.00 AZN

La Famiglia 0013 – 150.00 AZN

Caspian flotilla 0014  – 150.00 AZN

Self serving 0015 – 150.00 AZN

Girls rule! 0016 – 150.00 AZN

Oily sunset 0021 – 150.00 AZN